Together to shape the future

TTS and Kärcher together in a successful partnership

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Pockety makes a clean job for you

Hand sanitisation, use of protective equipment, disinfection of the environment: the pandemic has forced us to adopt increasingly strict procedures to combat the spread of Covid-19.

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Extraordinary becomes ordinary

The first paradigm of cleaning is that one handle corresponds to one tool, TTS presents Lampo to take you to the next level: one handle per trolley with all the tools you may need.

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Pockety does it all

TTS has designed an exclusive system for the touch-free release of used mops: thanks to Pockety the operator is no longer forced to touch the dirty fibres or have to constantly bend over.

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uni system

One frame for three systems

TTS presents Uni System, the universal frame for washing and disinfection that allows you to reduce the necessary equipment, avoiding compatibility problems and the difficult laundry management of different mops.

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Expert tools within everyone's reach

No bending during use, no contact with contaminated surfaces, the right weight to ensure adequate friction and the right dampness on the floor to avoid halos: Professional cleaners look for these qualities in floor systems.

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Double result, half wringing

TTS has recently revolutionised floor and surface cleaning thanks to Trilogy System, the reversible frame that can be used on both sides with the wide range of double-sided microfibre mops.

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The universal handle holder that never leaves its handle

Imagine a handle holder that allows you to lay safely your tools whenever you need during daily cleaning operations.

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